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How do we "get" saints? Watch...


What do they have to do with life in this century?                                     
Check out  The Saint of the Day  

What do you know?....find out how your general religious knowledge stacks up to:
the general population,
people your age,
 people of differening education levels, etc.

  What Do I Know?

Being Catholic has everything to do with every day life.
AND, it isn't for wimps!
Pope Francis has written a letter about how we live, choices we make and how we treat the earth. Here is a video that is a great explanation.  




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Finding your way is easier when you know more about yourself. Here are some quick  tools to help you discover your personality and spirituality types. 

This is the caution/disclaimer section: Remember: no personality type quiz is 100%, absolute or written in stone. They can help you see things about yourself, or point out the general direction you lean - but you are always growing, which means you are always changing. So enjoy the insights you may get from such quizzes while remembering they are not absolute, and they are not excuses for behavior. If you see traits that concern or worry you, talk to you parents, a school counselor, pastor, youth minister, or other trusted adult.

This is a quick and easy personality quiz and one to find your spirituality type:

Personality Identifier

Spirituality Type 

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